How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress

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Weddings are always one of the most romantic, heart-melting and tearfully joyous events in a person’s life. Walking down the aisle to the person, who will be your better half through thick and thin, and till death do you part, is such an emotional moment that it demands to be remembered forever. The best way to mark this momentous occasion is to go through the day wearing the perfect wedding dress for the couple. So, how can you actually find the perfect wedding dress to wear?

Comfort outweighs Design

Even with wedding dresses, the cardinal rule is that only wear clothes that you feel comfortable with. Though it is tempting to try out daring designs or succumb to the demands of your social circle, going through one of the most important days in your life, struggling under an uncomfortable dress is not the way you want this moment remembered for life. You want to always look at your wedding dress years later and say to yourself, “I look wonderful wearing that.” 

Determine what kind of comfort do you want

Clothes give people different kinds of feelings and comfort. Clothes will make you feel protected, confident, powerful and of course, beautiful and sexy. It is also the same case with wedding dresses. There are different kinds of gown designs for each kind of level of comfort you want. If you’re comfortable feeling sexy, then there’s a design for that. Same as if you want to feel stylish, powerful, protected. So, determine what kind or level of comfort do you want to feel when wearing a wedding dress.  

Do your research

Simply put, if you want the perfect wedding dress, you can either do your homework and research it yourself or ask a wedding dress expert and have them choose what is best for you. Wedding magazines and websites are among the best places to search for the best wedding dress, also heading to your local bridal shop. You need to spend a considerable amount of time choosing the best 

Always plan early

If you plan to have your wedding dress custom-made, then you need to plan it early. Wedding dresses require three to four months to be made. Afterwards, you need to spend more time fine-tuning the design, adding the necessary accessories and embellishments. So, if you want your wedding dress to be perfect, you need to plan early. However, if you will opt to simply shop for wedding dresses, then you just need to look for anything that catches your attention, and you’re ready to go. 

Familiarise yourself with shapes and sizes

People come in all shapes and sizes, so does wedding dresses. It’s vital that you understand body sizes and how they will affect the overall design of your wedding dress. Always remember that comfort is king with clothes, and you don’t want a wedding dress that is suffocating, nor wear something too loose, people will see you as wrapping yourself with drapery. Some will opt for a comfortable, snug fit that allows freedom of movement. 

Have the help of a consultant

A wedding consultant can help you find the best dress for you. These experts will help you find what’s works for you, and also give you suggestions on other designs beyond your list of favourites. It’s vital to find a compromise between your preference and the suggestions of your wedding consultant. Remember, your comfort is important on a big day like this, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortably snug in a wedding dress that doesn’t go well with your liking. However, remember that it also can’t hurt if you try on something new, and start the next phase of your adventurous life.

Schedule appointments and fitting sessions

You have to set a good schedule with your wedding dress consultant. You can either have your consultation during off-peak hours on weekdays and if possible, avoid weekends where there would be an expected influx of customers. Trying on dresses is not an easy task, especially if you’re to try more than one gown. It will take a couple of hours to finish, and in many cases, you’ll need more than one fitting session. 

Work within the limits of your budget

Remember to always keep the cost within the limits of your budget; especially if the budget is coming from a sponsor. Gown prices can go from $500 to $5,000 and that’s just the price of the dress without all the embellishments and accessories. It’s easy to go overboard in window shopping for dresses, so, remember to work with your budget first. If there is a need to increase the budget, then do so after first determining whether it is necessary or not. 

Make sure your wedding dress fits the venue

The venue is also a vital factor in choosing the perfect wedding dress for you. There are cases where venues, like churches, will limit the design of your wedding dress to conform with ceremonial standards. There are cases where outdoor events may dictate the dress you’re going to use, especially when this is factored in by your consultant when providing design suggestions. 

Take photos as much as possible, if possible

If it’s possible, take as many photos as you can. Take all the steps you need to document every part of the dress choosing process. The wedding dress is one of the memorable articles of clothing that you’ll ever wear, and it should be memorable and be etched in memory from the get-go. Also, it will help you make your decision in choosing what design to take. So, if you have the chance, snap that camera of yours and take as much.

In the end, weddings are momentous events in life, and they should be one of those memorable events that you will never forget. So, if you are that lucky person who has found the perfect someone who will be your mate through thick and thin, till death do you part, then make the most of your wedding day. Make it the best start of the best days of your life and be happy. Wedding dresses are not simple attires, it represents your joy in a day full of happiness.