Best Wedding Dresses

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Our designer wedding dresses are made with care and uses some of the finest laces, satins, organzas and chiffons. The use of rhinestones, authentic Swarovski crystals and manufactured diamonds add the perfect touch of shimmering sparkle to our bridal dresses.

How do I know which size wedding dress to order?

Your measurements will be taken and used as a guide to help pick a size based on the designers size chart. You should fit for the largest area of your body whether it be the bust, waist or hip. You may have to order a larger size and have it altered to fit.

Should all bridesmaids dresses be ordered at the same time?

Yes! You want them all made out of the same roll of fabric if possibleAll bridesmaids should be order at the same time and place to minimise the colour dye lot variances.

Can wedding dresses be resized after pregnancy?

Yes, they can be re-sized down, up to 4 or 5 sizes, depending on the cut and pattern. I have altered wedding dresses of brides who have lost 30kg after they have bought their dresses.